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Welcome to Teachers to Home, LLC. We are privileged that you have chosen us to partner with you and your family in helping your child reach their fullest potential. This handbook is an overview of policies and procedures that we employ to allow us to best care for the needs of our clients, If you should have any specific questions with regard to any of the below policies, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Again, thank you for partnering with us in providing the best future for your child.


1. Parent/ Caretaker Engagement and Participation

Providing effective educational services to families of children requires the establishment of a partnership between teachers and parent/guardians. This partnership involves many elements, including effective communication, mutual respect, clear boundaries, and clearly defined roles. Although every teacher team member plays a role on the team, parents/ guardians play the key role. Parents/guardians are the most important members of their child’s educational team. While teachers may come and go, parents/caregivers will remain the central axis of any educational team. As a provider, our partnership with the family is critically important to us, as we believe that this partnership is instrumental in the overall development of our clients. Your support and partnership with these issues will ensure the best success of educational growth.

2. Site Policies

A caregiver at least 18 years of age or older must be present during all sessions that take place in the home. It is important that the appointed caregiver be able to see and hear sessions at all times, as occasionally incidents do happen. In the event of an emergency, the caregiver will be responsible for the client. At no time are teacher to home employees to be left to care for the client or any other family members present during session. Employees are required to be focused on the educational services of the client and at no time are they permitted to participate in any non-educational related activities that does not directly pertain to the individual learning plan.


3. Work Conditions

Please note that your home is not only the location of educational services, but also as the working environment of our staff; as a result, all home-based sessions must occur in a clean and safe environment. If a home is determined to be unsanitary due to pests, excessive smoke, visible urine or feces, or dirty diapers left on the floor, Teachers to Home, LLC will either terminate or put services on hold. If services are placed on hold for sanitation reasons, Teachers to Home, LLC may request proof that pest extermination, fumigation has taken place before reconvening services. Additionally, all pets should be secured as needed during sessions so as not to disrupt. It is inappropriate for caregivers or members of the family to consume alcohol or illegal drugs during a session.


4. Employees in your Home

Our staff will always respect household rules and family customs when it is safe to do so. However, our staff will put the safety of your child and their own safety above all else. For instance, many families request that staff remove their shoes prior to entering a home. If being in socks will pose a potential threat due to slips and falls, employees will ask for additional accommodations to be made. If at any time our staff do not feel safe, comfortable, and welcome in your home, they will conclude the session and notify their supervisor. We will not tolerate reports of harassment, solicitation, or mistreatment of any Teachers to Home, LLC employees. Situations of this nature, if deemed true, will result in termination of services. During home sessions, a caregiver must always be on the premises. Parents/caregivers are expected to provide legal, appropriate parking for all staff attending home-based sessions at no additional cost to Teachers to Home, LLC members. Any costs incurred for parking by Teachers to Home, LLC staff are the responsibility of the family.


5. Mandated Reporters

As a provision under CA Child Abuse law, all staff working with students to provide educational services are mandated reporters. As such, if any teacher or tutor suspects or witness any abuse including but not limited to physical, sexual, emotional, and domestic abuse they are required by law to report such events to Child Protective Services and/or

other appropriate local authorities. Additionally, if during the provision of services elderly abuse is suspected or witnessed, our staff are required to report this as well to the appropriate authorities. Our staff are supported to report all such concerns as the well being of our clients and those in their environment are of our highest priority. Individuals required to report suspected abuse are protected by state law from criminal liability.


6. Quality of Service

Teachers to Home, LLC prides itself in our quality of service that our teachers offer to every family. Each teacher at a minimum possess 12 units of college studies in Child Development or currently enrolled in an accredited institution. Our more advanced teachers hold a valid California state Teaching Credential or have retired from the field, exemplifying their avid love for teaching, and thus providing an exceptional quality of service unlike any other.


7. Scheduling of Session

We request that families provide our team with the maximum amount of availability to optimize the service delivery process. We recognize the challenge that comes with balancing family needs and educational services. We will attempt to make the best possible scheduling arrangements for each child. We appreciate flexibility on your part during the scheduling process. In order to keep paper waste at a minimum, we generally communicate to families via email and text. If you cannot accept email and text message notification, please inform us immediately. Please denote your preferred communication method on our Client Contact Form. Any same-day or last-minute schedule changes initiated by Teachers to Home, LLC will be communicated directly via phone call or text. Please contact your child’s teacher directly should you need to cancel a scheduled session for your child. We appreciate as much advance notice as possible. If you would like to change your current session times, please note that requests can take upwards of two weeks to accommodate.


8. Verification of Educational Services

We require that at the conclusion of every session the parent/ caregiver or representative sign our Record of Attendance verification form either on paper or on a technological device (i.e., tablet or phone). It is the responsibility for the parent/caregiver or representative to verify that the session times on the forms/device match the session times in which educational service took place. Teachers to Home, LLC considers your signature verification that services were rendered as indicated. Please do not sign for any sessions that have dates or times listed that are not consistent with when our employee started or stopped the session. This includes times when the session time started late or ended early. The caregiver present during the daily session is considered the signatory validating that the services took place as we expect our staff to obtain signatures daily for their sessions. If you have any concerns about the session times, please contact Teachers to Home, LLC.


9. Client Attendance and Cancellation Policy

Please make every attempt to keep your child’s scheduled appointment. Your child will benefit the most from our services if he/she attends 100% of the scheduled Appointments. You are required to notify Teachers to Home, LLC directly to inform them of any cancellations. In the event that your child’s session has been canceled, please be prepared to make up the session. This may require makeups within the same week. If running late for a session, please notify your scheduled teacher. Employees are asked to wait for up to 10 minutes after the session was scheduled but may be reassigned to another session if they are not notified of the late start.


Fees are calculated according to the times stipulated in the schedule and no adjustment shall be made for time lost because of late arrival by the Client. Clients who arrive late will only be taught for the remainder of the scheduled session. There will be no prolonged sessions, unless mutually agreed upon by teacher and client. Sessions that start later than 10 minutes after the scheduled start time will be considered a Same Day Cancellation.


No-Show: Failure to call Teachers to Home, LLC to cancel a session that was scheduled or calling within one hour of session start time. If the client is a no-show, he or she is still responsible for payment of the session. No discounts or refunds shall be given in respect of lessons not attended by the student.

Differed start date: In the event where initial payment has been made, and no services have been rendered, there is a 6 month grace period given for a differed start date expiring on the first day of the sixth month for which the initial payment has been made. We uphold a NO REFUND policy, read more here.


Late arrival and notification by the teacher: Any lost time because of the late arrival of the teacher shall be compensated for by extending a lesson by mutual agreement and by such amount of time that was lost.

Staff Cancellations: Please be aware that we will make every effort to ensure that your child receives their session during their original scheduled time. If you child’s teacher must cancel a session, then a mutually agreed upon make-up appointment at a time agreeable to both parties will be scheduled. If sessions are cancelled on the part of the teacher, a makeup session must be arranged within 7 days or those missed hours will be lost.


Vacation: Teachers to Home, LLC requires advance notice of all planned client vacations. If vacations exceed two weeks (or 10 business days), Teachers to Home, LLC may need to reassign staff. Extended vacations may also result in the delay of restarting services while Teachers to Home, LLC identifies new appropriate staff upon the family’s return. The sooner we are notified of extended vacations, the better we will be able to plan for your child to continue with sessions. Additionally, if session times are changed to a different time slot for an extended length of time (i.e. morning sessions over summer breaks) we cannot guarantee that staff assignments will stay the same once sessions switch back to their original time slot.


Continued rates of cancellation are monitored and may result in termination of services based on our inability to guarantee the integrity in the services being provided. In addition, three or more No Shows may result in the termination of services.


11. Make-Up and Substitute Sessions

Whenever there are cancellations, Teachers to Home, LLC strives to makeup as much lost time as possible. Occasionally, other staff is available to substitute when your assigned staff member is sick or on vacation. We will do our best to find substitutes when possible. During this time of Coronavirus (Covid-19) per our Safety Guidelines and to minimize the points of contact Teachers to Home is suspending all short-term case substitutes. We will assign a long-term substitute if one of our team members is absent for an extended period.


10. Sick Policy

During this time Teachers to Home has a zero-tolerance sick policy. When children or anyone in their household becomes ill or develops a contagious virus, sessions will need to be placed on hold. Teachers to Please note that we encourage our employees to end or cancel sessions if at any time they feel the client is too sick to continue.


The health, care and well-being of our families and staff is of the utmost value within Teachers to Home, LLC. To ensure the safety and continuity of services for all our families during this epidemic facing our nation we have developed procedures and protocols in regard to the Coronavirus (Covid-19).Each staff member before entering your home will ask you a set of pre-screening questions prior to all sessions. These screening questions are meant to help our staff take precautionary steps to stay safe while continuing their educational services, and they are not meant to cause any alarm or concern to families.


The questions are as follows:


  1. Has anyone in the home had a fever or reason to believe that had a fever in the last 72 hours?

  2. Has anyone in the home been in direct contact with any individual with a confirmed case of the Coronavirus (Covid-19)?

  3. Has anyone in the home traveled to a country or region on the CDC’s advisory list in the last 14 days? CDC advisory:

  4. Has anyone in the home had the following symptoms in the last 24-hours- cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or body aches?


If the answer to any of the questions is “yes,” we have asked our staff to cancel session on the spot and to consult with their Supervisor for guidance on next steps. We are taking active steps to be cautious so that we can protect the health and safety of all clients and staff. Upon enrollment you will be provided with a Safety Guidelines list of all the steps Teachers to Home, LLC is currently taking.

11. Inclement Weather

Occasionally, we experience weather conditions that pose a health or safety risk to our clients and employees. In order to preserve the well‐being of both parties, we exercise the right to cancel services if it is unsafe for our staff to travel to get to the session location. If schools are closed, that is a good indicator that we will also need to cancel sessions for the day.


12. Professional Boundaries

We truly value the relationships we develop with our clients and families. It is through these collaborative and cooperative relationships that we are able to work as a team. In order to maintain healthy, professional relationships with our clients and families, we adhere to the following:


  • If you need to communicate with one of our staff members please call Teachers to Home, LLC unless other arrangements have been made (e.g., a cell phone number has been provided).

  • We want to maximize our time with the child, so communication between staff and caregivers should be kept on topic and take place at appropriate times during a session (e.g., beginning and/or end).\

  • We value balance between work and personal lives. Calls should be placed and returned during normal business hours.

  • We ask our team members to arrive on time as well as leave on time so that everyone is able to stay on schedule.

  • After a session is complete, team members will properly clean up the area(s) in which they are working.

  • Although frustrating situations sometimes occur, parents/caregivers should always treat Teachers to Home, LLC staff with professionalism and respect. Rudeness, shouting, and threatening language will not be tolerated across any form of communication, including phone conversations, emails, texts, or in‐person.


13. Gift Giving Policy

We really appreciate that a family, at times, especially over the holidays, like to express their gratitude for the staff that provide services to their family through gift giving. However, per our professional codes of conduct, we are not able to accept gifts including store gift cards, food, clothing, tickets to events, housing, vehicles and other tangible items. Please feel free to have your child express their gratitude in other ways, such as cards, etc.


14. Non-Solicitation of Teachers to Home, LLC Employees

Teachers to Home, LLC employees are not permitted to work privately or families under any circumstances. Teachers to Home, LLC will terminate services immediately if employees are solicited for private work during or outside of normally scheduled sessions. Teachers to Home, LLC policy states that employees are not to pursue or contact clients for 3 months pending employment.


15. Client Rights

Clients have the right to be treated with dignity, respect, and privacy, and to be free of financial and physical exploitation. Clients have the right to practice any religion they so choose, as long as the practice does not infringe on the rights and treatment of others or services. Clients have the right to receive educational information concerning their services in terms that are clear, concise, and understandable to them so they can be involved in the decision-making process.


16. Client Confidentiality

Teachers to Home, LLC is aware that sensitive client information is shared throughout the course of sessions. Teachers to Home, LLC will not discuss or disclose any client information, directly or indirectly, to a third party or use any client information for any reason not required or allowed by law, during, before, or after session of the client, without specific prior written consent from the client or a legal guardian.


17. Employee Privacy

Families acknowledge that Teachers to Home, LLC employee personal information is confidential and will not be provided regarding health, education, past experience, vacation details, disciplinary action, etc.


18. Nondiscrimination Policy

Teachers to Home, LLC prohibits discrimination against any employee or any client based on color, race, national origin, citizenship status, ancestry, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, age, creed, physical or mental disability, marital status, veteran status, political affiliation, or any other factor protected by law. Teachers to Home, LLC is an equal opportunity employer and provides equal opportunity to all staff with regard to the previously mentioned factors.


19. Sexual Harassment Policy

Teachers to Home, LLC takes the safety of our clients and their families seriously, and adheres to all sexual harassment laws in place. Teachers to Home, LLC perceives all allegations of harassment and mistreatment by our staff against another individual as a very serious matter and will investigate these claims. Families are protected against employee retaliation, and any employee found guilty of misconduct will be disciplined as necessary.


20. Reasonable Access to Services

Teachers to Home, LLC will make reasonable service accommodations for individuals with limited availability to communicate, disabilities, physical impairments, and cultural differences. Teachers to Home, LLC follows all legal requirements regarding the reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities. Teachers to Home, LLC strives to place all clients in services in a timely manner. If there will be a delay in starting services, or if a child will be placed on the wait-list, Teachers to Home, LLC will inform the family.


21. Client Supervision

At no time is any Teachers to Home, LLC employee responsible for the supervision of children in your home. We require an adult caretaker to be at your home during all times that sessions occur who is responsible for the client and any other dependent’s basic care.


22. Safety in the Home

To ensure a safe environment for your family and our employees, all firearms and weapons must be out of sight and inaccessible during sessions. Employees may not be trained in handling weapons and firearms, so in order to focus on sessions, we need a safe environment free of safety risks like weapons. Your child’s safety is ultimately the most important thing. In compliance with our licensing regulations we are mandated by the government to report any incident involving a firearm/weapon and a child.


23. Client Property Utilized During Session

In the event that there are expensive devices owned by the client that are recommended for use by the Teachers to Home, LLC team, we will work with your family to establish clear boundaries to respect such devices. These devices would include tablets, computers, gaming systems, and other costly items owned by the client or family. At no point should any belonging or device belonging to a client be in the sole surveillance of any Teachers to Home, LLC staff members. Teachers to Home, LLC employees are not liable for client owned belongings that are damaged, broken, or lost during a session. If there is fear that such an occurrence may take place during session, Teachers to Home, LLC encourages a parent or guardian to supervise the usage of any device, or to limit the usage of such a device during session time.


24. Inclement Weather

Occasionally, we experience weather conditions that pose a health or safety risk to our clients and employees. In order to preserve the well being of both parties, we exercise the right to cancel services if it is unsafe for our staff to travel to get to the session location. If schools are closed, that is a good indicator that we will also need to cancel sessions for the day.


25. Teachers to Home, LLC code of Conduct for Clients and their Families

Teachers to Home, LLC is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all its clients and employees. Teachers to Home, LLC is an organization open to all people. We welcome and value individuals of all ages, races, ethnicity, religions, gender identities, abilities, sexual orientations, and financial circumstances. We are committed to having services that embrace diversity, reflecting the people and needs of our communities. To promote safety, all individuals are asked to act appropriately and follow the rules/guidelines at all times when participating in our services. We expect all individuals participating in our services to act maturely, to behave responsibly, and to respect the rights and dignity of others. Anyone who witnesses behavior that goes against this code of conduct is encouraged to report the behavior to a Teachers to Home, LLC staff person immediately.

The following actions listed below are behaviors considered inappropriate, and therefore not allowed. Please note this is not an exhaustive list.

  • Using or possessing illegal chemicals (drugs) or smoking on Teachers to Home, LLC property or at sponsored events

  • Carrying a concealed weapon or any device or object that may be used as a weapon or to harm another person are not allowed on property unless carried by qualified active and/or retired law enforcement official

  • Harassment or intimidation by words, gestures, body language, or any type of menacing behavior

  •  Physical contact with another person in an angry, aggressive, or threatening way

  • Verbally abusive or offensive behavior‐including angry or vulgar language, swearing name‐calling or Shouting

  • Sexually explicit conversation and behavior

  • Any sexual contact with another person

  •  Inappropriate, immodest, or sexually revealing attire

  • Theft or behavior that results in the loss or destruction of property


Suspension or termination of Teachers to Home, LLC services may result if it is determined that a violation of the Code of Conduct has occurred.

26. IEP Policy

Teacher’s to Home, LLC strives to make every effort to work collaboratively with the clients educational learning team including any outside agencies working with your child in their developmental process.


Unless authorized by a parent/guardian it is not permissible for Teachers to Home, LLC employees to make educational recommendations for the school setting for anything other than collaborative care. Any request for a Teachers to Home, LLC Employee to attend an Individual Education Plan (IEP) should be made with as much notice as possible, and with a minimum of one-week notice. Due to the often-busy schedules of our Supervisors, there is no guarantee that we will be able to attend. Educational Supervisors must approve the attendance of any direct staff in advance.


27. Progress Evaluations and Reports

Regular progress reports will be provided in accordance with the requirements of the client agreement Weekly verbal consultations are given by each teacher. Additional progress reports may be provided when a change in service plan or level is recommended by either teacher or parent/guardian. reports of progress will be provided when a change in service is anticipated.


With regards to improving achievement with clients possessing IEP’s, the timetable will be consistent with the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) pursuant to the individuals with Disabilities Act.


28. Plans, Pricing and payments

Payment for services are paid in advance via our website, Pricing and payments vary and are determined by service plan as well as any discounts applied toward each account including but not limited to supply and travel fees.

29. Refund & Cancellation Policy

Please be aware that we have a no refund policy, excluding pre-purchased learning plans. Refund requests, including, but not limited to, those made by Clients who do not attend or use services, regardless of the student’s reason(s), and regardless of whether the Student provides us with advance notice, will not be honored. Exceptions include pre-purchased Learning Plans. 


Upon purchase of any Learning Plan a 48- hour grace period is given, where a full refund minus any registration or supply fee will be granted. Should you choose to cancel a prepaid after attending your first session, you will be billed an inconvenience fee in the amount equal to two- single tutoring sessions. Any Homeschooling Learning Plan that has been pre-paid either bi-annually or annually will receive a refund for the remaining credit minus any discounts currently being applied to the Service Plan; granted a two-week notice is given (see Termination of Service).


30. Termination of Service

This Service Agreement may be terminated/ changed by either party at any time by giving the other party two weeks prior written notice. For clients involved in a Peas in a Pod discount, termination of services may be subject to a $30 withdrawal fee. Clients within the Home-School Learning Plan that have pre-paid either bi-annually or annually must provide Teachers to Home, LLC with a two-week written Termination of Service notice. Failure to provide two-weeks written notice will result in a forfeit of any remaining credit on your account.


If Teachers to Home terminated this agreement, a refund may be given based on a pro-rated balance owed (if a balance is owed). If Client changes the Learning Plan, the original length of the agreement begins again.

Termination of Service
No Refunds
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